Welcome to the A New Dawn Wiki

A New Dawn Wiki is a fun wiki covering the details of my fanfiction series, A New Dawn. The project currently spans several seasons, and in total is aimed to last 9-10 seasons. Survivors unite, communities assemble, but walkers now roam the Earth. The reason why? Stick around until the end to find out. Journey with Jake and his friends as they survive this new, daunting post-apocalyptic Earth.


A New Dawn is an original, zombie post-apocalyptic, fanfiction-type series loosely based on TWD. This is simply a fun little project I have created between me and my friends, offering no connection to shows like The Walking Dead. While being a zombie series, sci-fi and paranormal elements will be adapted to it, specifically towards its end. Each character has a fancast of an actor, but to clarify, they do not really portray them - this is a fanfiction project with simply fancasts. In most cases, the actors are from some of my favourite shows (for example, GoT and AHS), and no TWD actors have been fancasted (with the exclusion of Lily) to avoid any confusion. As emphasised, this is a fanfiction project.